Support Groups

All groups are held online, which means there is no time lost on commuting and you may attend in your slippers! Groups are ongoing, co-ed and confidentiality is strictly observed. When you have your initial appointment with Susan, she will work with you to identify the right group for you. 

Divorce Support Groups

It takes time to recover from divorce. The raw feelings that come at first–the grieving, figuring out how to be a single person again, finding a sense of belonging in your social group or developing a new community, and adjusting to single life and being a co-parent.

No matter where you are in the process of your divorce, find the support and resources you need to move forward — stronger.

Co-Parenting Support Groups

Give your children safety and stability after a divorce or separation. In these Programs/Groups, I’ll help you address fundamental issues that can detract from a positive co-parenting relationship, such as: residual problems from the divorce or separation, implementing boundaries, transitioning into new stages of the co-parenting relationship, planning effectively, and maintaining stability in the long run.

Relationship Processing Groups

This group is for those struggling with long-term relationships, self-assessment, and the challenges of early commitments. My aim is to offer a supportive environment for personal and relational growth. With a focus on mature, forward-thinking strategies, my group helps clients achieve the relationships they desire. 

Dating Support Groups

Dating can be such an intimidating process. Figuring out how to find a new relationship (that actually works) is going to be a bit of a learning curve in and of itself. So, why not do it around others who are doing the same thing? Not only will you get some relatable support from your groupmates, but you’ll probably also share a laugh or two with others who are fumbling into this new place alongside you! I really want you to have a successful relationship, so let’s tackle this together!

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Online Support & Community

Please visit my ‘Relationship Solutions Programs’ website to access online support groups, programs, and workshops — available to clients worldwide.