I offer a variety of services to help you through whatever relationship challenge you’re facing.

Couples Therapy & Mediation

A safe, neutral place for both people to be heard and understood, so we can look at the things that matter. Strengthen or part amicably: support for your decision.

Co-Parenting Therapy & Mediation

Helping you to figure out and resolve those things that need to be addressed during separation or remarrying, which may also coincide with parenting issues.

Family Therapy & Mediation

Addressing a crisis or transition within the family through counseling and mediation. Whether a disconnect from family members or stress and trauma from old wounds, find resolution .

Divorce & Co-Parenting Support Groups

These support groups provide a safe environment to work through separation, divorce, and co-parenting issues, in a group setting, and learn the skills and strategies to navigate and heal.

Divorce Support

Focused on separation and divorce, these support groups provide a safe environment to work through separation and divorce issues, in a group setting.

Co-Parenting Support

Get the tools to keep the peace between you and your ex and give your children safety and stability after a divorce or separation.

Dating Support

Get the tools, skills, input/feedback, and general cheering-on you need to get back out there with confidence!

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Get the resources and support you need to get through whatever relationship challenges you’re facing.