Co-Parenting Therapy & Mediation

It’s not as simple as figuring out the logistics of how to separate. You need to be able to communicate and still be parents together

Sometimes, the things that need to be figured out during separation coincide with the parenting parts that need to be resolved. Luckily, I help with both. I am both a mediator and a seasoned, co-parenting therapist. I can help you make decisions about how you’re going to live life separately AND help you to figure out how you’re going to parent separately — and where you’re going to overlap. 

One of the biggest conflicts that I see in couples relationships (and why people end their marriages) is fundamental disagreement within their parenting styles. But, it gets even trickier to parent, once you’re separated. 

You need a safe place to talk it out and reach a resolution. In my Co-parenting Therapy and Mediation Sessions, I start by meeting with each of you separately, and then we work together. Sometimes there’s too much conflict, so we will continue to work separately instead. I’ll work with each one of you, and will never degrade navigation agreements in that way.

Co-Parenting & Mediation

How I can help you:

  • Setting Custody Schedules. How to effectively separate out the year, including holidays and vacations to create the most positive situation for the parents and the children involved. 
  • Managing the day-to-day around raising kids. Making decisions and communicating about education, health, safety, and the emotional well-being of your children.
  • Working through money issues. Also, if you’re extending your family and getting remarried, we work on predicting the things that you’ll need to talk about and work through, with all involved.
    • Getting unstuck from the negativity of the old relationship patterns. Sometimes people feel angry or upset about cooperating with the other parent, believing that it indicates they agree with him/her or are letting the “ex” control them.
    • Resolving feelings of anger, discouragement, or helplessness. Knowing that they have to stay connected to the other parent, and interact with each other— whether they want to or not— can raise a lot of emotions that, if not worked through, can negatively impact everyone.
    • Resolving conflicts in parenting fundamentals. Feelings that the other parent is incompetent, or disagreeing with his/her parenting style, get even more complicated upon separation.
  • The cost for Co-Parenting Therapy & Mediation is $275 per hour.
  • Sessions are conducted online over Zoom.

Co-Parenting counseling can help to create the emotional distance needed to heal while still being able to parent cooperatively.

Looking for Online Support?

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