What Does Your Wedding Ring Mean?

By Susan Regan, MFT

After people decide to separate, I’ve notice that there is a process people go through around whether or not they wear their wedding rings.

Often people wear their wedding rings throughout the whole divorce group series. They aren’t ready to take them off. Having a ring on your ring finger means something. For many it means they are not available to date and they are still attached to someone.

They may also be protecting themselves in their work environment because they don’t want to have to answer any questions about their changed status.Whatever the case, I know it’s a thoughtful decision. People mark the day they decide not to wear their wedding ring anymore as their accepting the end of the relationship and moving on. Some people in my groups have commented that when they take it off their wedding ring, they feel different. One person described that he felt that the ring was always too heavy and he didn’t really wearing it. Other people have mentioned that something is really missing if they aren’t wearing a ring. So they have replaced the wedding ring with a more creative ring, which may symbolize something else. Perhaps the new ring symbolizes a new part of themselves emerging.

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