Family Therapy & Mediation

Family Therapy

One of the biggest issues that into a family’s life, when divorce or separation happens, is that family relationships become strained. This can happen, not only between the individuals divorcing but also amongst the siblings or between parents and children

Since I have a background in mediation, my style is very direct and solution-oriented. If you are challenged by your family relationships, instead of developing long estrangements, take some time to work out your feelings with your loved ones so that you can at least get along and collaborate

Family therapy is helpful for addressing a crisis or transition within the family. Whether it’s dealing with a developmental stage a child is going through, handling the effects of divorce, working through the grief that comes from the loss of a parent or child, coping with the transition that involves a family member who is coming back home after being institutionalized, or understanding mental illness within the family, I can help a family group find solutions to problems that are causing them distress.

In family therapy, we work through a process to identify what happened in the past, determine what the current needs are, and establish new family rules. Counseling may include an entire family or smaller units of family members such as:

  • a parent and child experiencing a strained relationship following separation
  • two siblings not getting along
  • adult children with different lifestyles from other members of their family
  • in-law challenges

As we work together, we can explore better ways of communicating and understanding among family members to achieve more happiness and peace in a safe place for members to solve family relationship issues.

The cost for Family Therapy is $250 per hour.
Sessions are conducted online, via Zoom.

Family Mediation

Families often have a need for mediation. Maybe there’s been an estrangement between siblings, different family members, or different units in the family. Sometimes, this is caused from childhood wounds, divorce, illnesses, different family positions that causes stress, trauma neglect abuse. If you’re having a disconnect from family members and you really wanted to heal consider mediation.

The way I work as I meet each member of the family separately and then we agree to meet all together. If you have a situation in your family that you would like resolution for, please sign up to have an inquiry call with me.

The cost of Family Mediation is $275 per hour.
Sessions are conducted online, via Zoom.

Online Support

 I also offer online support groups, talks, courses to help you gain clarify, insight and develop the tools for all of your relationship needs and beyond.